For generations, giving a gift has been synonymous with indulgence. Since 1900, at MEENK, we’ve been making the tastiest liquorice. But we don’t just make any liquorice; through our knowledge, craftsmanship, and using only the finest ingredients, we turn a Dutch product into a luxurious experience. The tastiest liquorice to pamper yourself or others.

To trace the beginnings of MEENK, we have to go back to the early 1800s when Mr. J.B. Meenk, a physician, created his own remedies for headaches, toothaches, and stomach pains. After his passing, his recipes fell into the hands of Mr. Braskamp, who established his own pharmaceutical factory in 1900. The factory began working with Dr. Meenk’s special recipes, giving rise to the brand MEENK, which sold throat lozenges and powders in pharmacies, among other things.

You might be wondering about the connection between medicine and the delicious liquorice we enjoy today. Around 1920, the factory expanded into manufacturing confectionery on a chemical basis. However, due to a shortage of chemical raw materials during World War II, they decided to use only natural and plant-based ingredients. This marked the beginning of the delectable liquorice you can find in local stores today. The new approach was so successful that they decided to use only natural and plant-based ingredients. Thus, the origin of the liquorice you can taste today dates back over 100 years.

Meanwhile, the Van Vliet family has been the proud owner of the MEENK brand for years, ensuring that the quality and the use of the best local ingredients are upheld. Additionally, MEENK’s liquorice is produced in the Netherlands, and they remain dedicated to the traditional production methods that have withstood the test of time for over a century. Van Vliet continues to innovate the MEENK liquorice, turning a Dutch product into a luxurious experience.

At MEENK, we believe that enjoying sweets is an art in itself. That’s why we constantly strive to craft our unique selection of liquorice. Our liquorice experts ensure that the liquorice is made with attention to detail and precision that only true craftsmen can provide.